Patricia has been forced into pension poverty

Patricia and Harry had been happily married for 48 years. They’d never been wealthy, but they’d always got by. When Harry suffered a fatal heart attack Patricia’s world fell apart. They had almost no superannuation and Patricia had to use all their savings to pay for Harry’s funeral.

Patricia is now on a single pension and officially lives below the poverty line.


  • In winter, Patricia can’t afford to put the heating on, so she uses blankets and knits herself hats, scarves and gloves.

  • Patricia did stop taking her medicine, but the pain got too much. Now she skips lunch to afford the pills.

  • Patricia’s granddaughters are the light of her life – she couldn’t not speak to them regularly. Although it broke her heart, she sold her father’s gold pocket-watch to pay her mobile phone bill.


Yes, I Will Stand Up for Desperate People!

It’s terrible that in our often self-serving, busy and increasingly complicated world, vulnerable people are falling between the cracks.

This is not right! The people who have the least, need our help the most.

Will you stand with us to say NO MORE?

NO MORE disrespect of our elderly.
NO MORE pension poverty.
NO MORE excuses.

We can do better, we MUST do better.

More than one third of Australian pensioners are living below the poverty line. The high cost of living, especially housing in NSW is forcing many vulnerable seniors to make impossible choices.

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