Amani survived the bombs that killed her parents

Amani was 17 years old and had lived her whole life in the countryside outside of Aleppo. When Amani’s parents were brutally murdered by the bombs in Syria, she became the head of the family.

Amani, at 17 was now responsible for her 4 younger brothers and sisters. Amani is lucky – she can read and write (in Arabic) and is resourceful. She is determined to survive.

  • Although it was terrifying to leave their life behind in Aleppo, Amani took the brave step to take her siblings and make the long journey to Jordan to seek asylum as Refugees.

  • In Jordan, Amani met a Man and his wife that offered to take them in. In desperate need of help, Amani accepted but it turned out to be a mistake. They took the little money she had and beat the children.

  • Amani was humiliated and vulnerable, but she was determined to find a safe place for her brothers and sisters. Food, water and work in the refugee camp were hard to acquire. With no other option, she sought refuge in Australia.


Yes, I Will Stand Up for Refugees!

It’s terrible that in our often self-serving, busy and increasingly complicated world, vulnerable people like Amani are falling between the cracks.

This is not right! The people who have the least, need our help the most.

Will you stand with us to say NO MORE?

NO MORE abuse of refugees.
NO MORE discrimination.
NO MORE excuses.

The magnitude of the Syrian crisis has seen 80,000 refugees referred for resettlement to (countries like) Australia since the outbreak of the conflict in early 2011.

We can do better, we MUST do better.

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